Brown Skin Girl Tee

Our neighbor at Christmas would give each of us a Brown Skin Girl Tee with a dollar in it. I considered that to be a really nice gift because she lived on a very small pension. Like many ladies of her time she had been a housewife and lived on the widow’s small allotment of her husband’s pension. I realized then that the cost of a gift doesn’t matter. It’s the thought and love that the gift represents. Things, gifts wear out and are tossed away or lost. They come and go. An expression of love, kindness, appreciation and joy lasts as a memory. This memory lives on long after the giver has died. It lasts always. My neighbor loved dogs. Her dog Charlie had been her child substitute. It was her favorite name, too. She said she would have named a child Charles or Charlotte and called them Charlie.

Steven Grant Moon Knight T Shirt

Steven Grant Moon Knight T Shirt

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