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This inner feeling is kind of funny. Oops, I’m sorry, I can’t help it anymore. Elton John was one of the first people to be openly gay, and even if not openly, he would not perform very hard in a title considered professional suicide, and he was quite gorgeous. From another perspective, when he first started, Liberace and Rock Hudson were still in the closet, even though it was a well-known secret. When I was in middle school, the children were very interested in him and Freddie Mercury being gay. There is no denying that Elton John is one of the most successful and prolific songwriters in our generation of music. He is a philanthropist, talented, and a good person among everyone I have heard of. These things are not news to anyone over a certain age.

Thankful Grateful Blessed Turkey Beer ShirtThankful Grateful Blessed Turkey Beer Shirt0Thankful Grateful Blessed Turkey Beer Shirt2

Bernie Taupin has not checked Wikipedia. In my memory, Bernie and Elton have a common friend. I think it is their manager. On the one hand there is a talented lyricist, and on the other hand is a talented musician. The man put the two boys together, they didn’t even write in the same place together, at least from the title. In any case, I will never despise the talent of Elton John. Those first songs, the first hit songs are a collaborative effort. Without Bernie Taupin, perhaps Elton would never be connected, never get first place, never find an audience, and maybe even never find his own artistic voice. Some people say I should wake up every morning and call to thank you. I hope Bernie and the person who put them together will get at least one Christmas card.

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